normal birthing

establishing shot

amniotic sac three quarters

amniotic sac

crowing head


feet dangle


Initially as a companion piece to a medical legal animation for a shoulder dystocia case, this animation became our normal birthing library piece for license. As a medical legal case, the animation came with a budget of just a week. I remember leaving a Beastie Boys concert at Red Rocks amphitheater just before the encore set to make it back to Fort Collins to begin compositing the frames at 1am. The newborn’s  birth weight is in a percentile that should have required a c-section procedure which in many ways foreshadows the dystocia complication and subsequent Erb’s palsy. I’d like to do another birthing animation with an average birth weight baby. It was really difficult  getting the baby out virtually at its present size. I can’t imagine how the obstetrician managed the actual delivery.

Jul 20, 2011animation, gallery
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