first trimester

first trimester disc and yolk sac

first trimester side view

first trimester somites

first trimester over the shoulder

first trimester skeleton develop

This was one of the more ambitious animation initiatives undertook by myself and the team of animators at Visible Productions. Set for an initial budget of nearly the entire summer hiatus from season one of the Dr. OZ show, we began the process of creating a tour de force animation of the first trimester of human development. After a month of intensive modeling of embryo models, the budget was cut and we were left to salvage what assets we had into what turned out to still be a really nice piece. Developing models from day 13 to day 48, and taking into account all the morphological transformations that need to take place is precisely the reason there aren’t more animations of human development outside of volumetric generated serial imaging data.

Jul 17, 2011animation, gallery
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